Meghan trainor

"I'll make the most of the minutes and love with no regrets..."

a quote I'm feeling right now

getting lost in a good book with a cup of coffee when it's raining outside

a quick favorite

finishing carvel ice cream cakes in one sitting with my mom

a guilty pleasure

vanilla coffee with a splash of almond milk or regular coffee with vanilla creamer

how i take my coffee

they were on a break but ross was still wrong. change my mind.

a strong opinion

iced coffee, sunroof open, anything by
luke combs blaring out my car speakers

a quick favorite

On a typical day, you'll find me sipping on coffee or wine, dreaming about my next shoot, my next adventure, my next trip, my next project... I crave experiences and relationships, and I genuinely care about every person I encounter.

Your memories and milestone moments matter to me in a way I can't quite put into words. In my personal life, I struggle with the balance of living fully in any moment and giving in to the urge to freeze each of them from behind a camera. I don't have too many photos of my own life because I'm so busy living it. I think a lot of us run into that same problem. I want to be that solution for other people. I want you to see yourself the way the world, or maybe just the most important person in your world, sees you. I want to capture every belly laugh, every teary-eyed silence, the stolen glances in between moments. Have you ever felt yourself making a memory? When you suddenly stop in the middle of something incredible with the overwhelming realization that you will never forget this feeling right now? I want to capture those moments. In my own life and also in yours. Because those are the moments and memories that matter.

When I'm not shooting, I'm probably reading a YA or Dystopian novel. Or I'm sitting outside in a summer breeze listen to the birds and naming every one that flies past me. There's also a very solid chance that I'm completely distracted by every good doggo that goes by.

I talk too much. I love hard. I throw my whole self into every single thing I set my mind to. I care a lot. And I can't freakin' wait to meet you.

i live for

I love to see the world, regardless of whether it's a plane ride away or right in my own backyard. I want to experience what life and earth have to offer me and I love that my job helps me do it. I've been to 7 countries, 20 states, and one US territory. Fun fact: I've been to every state on the east coast except for Maine and Georgia!


Connecting with nature is my happy place. And I get to call it exercise? BONUS. I love exploring new trails, especially if I can find water access and walk along some river rocks. It's also such a fun way for me to find new spots to take my adventurous clients for sessions! Any typical weekend in the spring and summer you can find me hiking the trails near my home in Central NJ and I'm probably posting about it on Instagram. Definitely check there for some great recommendations!


i live for

Could I BE any more basic Millennial? My best friend and I have an unhealthy obsession with Friends and I can make a reference out of just about anything. Quote an episode and you'll steal my heart. Reference a quote, scene, or character that is so random or obscure that you stump me and we will literally be best friends for life. My favorite episode is The One With The Embryos (the one where they play Jeopardy and Monica & Rachel lose their apartment - sorry for the spoiler).

obscure friends references

i live for

White Barn candles. Really, do I need to go on? I love a sweet scent that's cut with earthy. My absolute all-time favorite is Coconut Sandalwood and they had the audacity to discontinue it. So the next time you're there, if you wouldn't mind just quickly checking to see if they brought it back and then text me if they did, I'll love you forever and even gift you one as a thank you after I go empty my bank account on their entire inventory of it.


i live for

Does it sound bad to say I live for wine? I guess I should explain. If I dreamt up the perfect day, it would be pretty simple: basking in the sunshine of a spring or summer day at a winery or outdoor bar with my favorite people, sipping on some sweet white wine like Moscato or Reisling, listening to music and laughing. That's it. That's all I want. It's the soundtrack and background to some of my favorite memories and a glass of sweet white will take me back to that in an instant.


i live for

Yes, I'm a plant mama. It started with succulents (or succs, as I affectionately call them) and then it became a sickness. Now give me anything green - snake plants, air plants, fiddle leafs, more succs. I don't care. I want a jungle in my living room. Is that really too much to ask for?


i live for

You thought I was just gonna glaze over this one, huh? This is my hot husband, Bryant. We've been best friends since we were 13, making out since we were 14, and married since 2018. He's easily my favorite person, even when he's focusing on the completely wrong part of my story or pulling on my toes (which is my biggest irrational fear, don't judge). When you survive braces and puberty together, you can make it through just about anything else.

my husband

i live for